Jennifer Filip, Manger of the Downtown Camrose BRZ had only been on the job for a few months when she reached out to us for a proposal on redoing the Downtown Camrose website. She had little to no background information on who built their original site or when. Compounding issues was Jennifer’s limited ability to provide updates, written and visual, on the site given the lack of documentation re login information etc.

Upon a review of the existing site, it was apparent that the strategy that informed the initial development of the site was misguided when it came to navigation, content and content management. In addition, a focus was placed on providing the majority of content to members through a password protected portal leaving very little public information on their activities as an organization.

After an initial meeting with Jennifer, we developed a preliminary proposal that outlined a new site platform, navigational structure and content strategy. For the site platform we suggested a

WordPress content management system and a Divi WordPress theme. We then provided a site map outlining the new navigational structure, which on the top level now focused on a directory for downtown businesses, their initiatives and a news section where they can announce new programs partnerships, events etc. Sub pages addressed their history, Board of Directors, and how to join, among other things.

To help them increase traffic to the site we followed on-page search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in site design and content creation. This includes structured content, clear and topical writing, mobile-friendly design, meta data, image optimization and descriptions, load time analysis, internal linking and easily navigable site architecture. To ensure accurate indexing by Google, SRC also provides Google Analytics integration, XML site map generation and Google Search Console registration and indexing.

They were very pleased with the site and so are we. Check it out at